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The stories here are written in response to writing prompts. You'll find a bit of silliness, and I hope you might even laugh a bit when you read them. These impromptu stories are always fun to write. Enjoy!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Tuesday's Tales - From Love Spells

I've come back to Love Spells after an absence of several months, so let me give a quick recap of the story.

Ellie was devastated when the man she loved dumped her for someone else. She found a book of spells and set about learning magic -- with a bit of help from Stefan Blackwell, owner of a mystical, New Age shop. In the previous chapter, Ellie's friend, Miranda came for Sunday brunch. When Stefan dropped by unexpectedly and gave Ellie a deck of Tarot cards, Miranda warned her that the cards were of the devil. As soon as she was alone, Ellie unwrapped the deck and drew a card. It was The Devil.

From: Love Spells 

Ellie dropped the deck of cards.

Could Miranda be right about Stefan? The magic he possessed was too strong to be denied, but was it a power for good? Or was his magic dark -- and dangerous?

She knelt down and peered at the colorful cards scattered across the floor. No more than pasteboard pictures. Where had The Devil gone? Ellie searched through the mess. While The Devil remained hidden, other images appeared, some frightening, some beautiful, some haunting.

The Sun. The Moon. The Stars.

Ellie picked each up and studied the odd symbols upon them. In some strange way, simply looking at the cards calmed her.  Even the images of Death and the devastating scene of The Falling Tower somehow brought a sense of peace to her soul.

These cards are speaking to me. They have things to tell me, secrets to share.

She locked the door, shut off her phone, and for the next few hours she sat cross-legged before her altar, laying out cards, poring over the tiny instruction booklet, and making notes of all she saw -- and felt -- within this mystical deck.  Ellie couldn’t be sure how it happened, but suddenly her life made sense. She felt her own power awakening, uncoiling from deep within. She didn’t have all the answers, but she didn’t need them.

For the first time, Ellie knew who she was. No matter that she couldn’t define it, could never put it into words, she felt it flowing through her blood. Although she may be small and insignificant, she was, indeed, part of something grand, something purposeful, something planned and ordered, something borne of love.

Love! Her heart seemed to take flight on wings of imagination. She soared through distant realms of consciousness, rising from the floor to twirl around in crazy circles, dancing to a rhythm only she could hear.

Stefan would be pleased.

The thought brought a smile to her face, along with a sudden desire to see him. At once! She dashed toward the door, ready to run out into the late afternoon, and then reality crashed down on her. She had no way to find Stefan. His shop was closed on Sunday. She knew nothing about him, where he lived, what places he might visit.

Feeling a bit foolish, Ellie gathered the Tarot cards, returned them to their package, and put them away in a drawer. She would use them again, and she would learn more from them.

Ask the cards about David. Ask if he will come back. Ask if --

Ellie closed her eyes, shutting out the voices in her head. She had no need to inquire about David or the future they would share. She had magic; she had power. She could create her own reality now.

As she prepared her altar for her nightly ritual, Ellie smiled. Only a few nights more, and David would be hers again, hers forever. 

~ ~ ~
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