Silly Stories

The stories here are written in response to writing prompts. You'll find a bit of silliness, and I hope you might even laugh a bit when you read them. These impromptu stories are always fun to write. Enjoy!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Tuesday's Tales -- Spider

I wasn't going to join in on Tuesday's Tales this week. When I saw the prompt -- spider -- I didn't think it would fit in any of the projects I currently have in the works. Then I looked back at the last scene I'd written and realized I had a perfect place to hide an itsy-bitsy spider.

This is a brief excerpt from "Summertime" -- the historical romance I'm getting ready to send off to the publisher. I've kept it very short, not wanting to give away too much in this scene...just enough to hide an itsy-bitsy spider and maybe make you curious about what Linn and Ed find.

Dangling the key from her fingers, Linn returned to the parlor. "Why would anyone lock an armoire? Did she think somebody might steal her clothes? For that matter, why did she have the armoire here in the parlor?"
"Tabitha Ann wasn't quite like anyone else, remember."
Linn laughed. "How true." In a perverse way it seemed perfectly logical that the cantankerous old woman would leave her jewelry lying about in open boxes yet keep her clothing under lock and key.
"Nothing Tabitha did should surprise me," she said, as she slipped the key into the lock. She smiled as the key turned. "Yes, it works." She swung the doors open and peered inside.  “What a musty mess!” She brushed at a spider’s web, jumping as its displaced owner scurried away. “But, what is this? I don’t understand.”
Ed came to stand close beside her. He too peered into the armoire.  "It's empty."
Linn nodded. "An armoire in the parlor. No clothes, yet she kept the doors locked. That's odd, don't you think? No, wait! There’s something there." She quickly reached inside.

That's all folks! As I said, I don't want to give away too much here. I'll leave you guessing about exactly what Ed and Linn found in that musty, dusty armoire.


  1. Sneaky and well done! I'm already curious to know what happens. :D

  2. What's in there?! Oh you naughty tease. :D Love the way you worked in a spider in such a simple but effective way.

  3. Loved it! What a neat little snippet to leave us all wondering.

  4. You are a dreadful tease :-) A nice and intriguing snippet.

  5. Very sneaky the way you did that!! Now I'm going to have to buy the book. Yes, you got me. Great writing, as always.

  6. Talk about a tease. You did a great job in peaking my curiosity.

  7. Wait - what was there but a little spider? No. I want to know! I will have to buy the book. :)
    By the way I love your picture of a spider!

  8. But you can't just stop there!!! What is that's in there?

  9. jumping as its displaced owner scurried away. I love that line. :)