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Monday, February 4, 2013

More from Love Spells

Welcome to Tuesday's Tales...and to another excerpt from "Love Spells".

About the story:

Ellie was devastated when David betrayed her. After finding a book of spells, she decided to learn magic in hopes of bringing David back. With the help of Stefan, owner of a New Age shop, she's discovering who she is -- and continuing to cast her "love spells" each night.

~ ~ ~ ~

David called on Monday morning. Ellie’s hands shook so bad when she heard his voice, the phone fell from her grasp. While Miranda and the other girls in the office stared, she rummaged through the trash can where it had landed.

“What? Say that again?” she mumbled as she retrieved the fallen phone. “I’m sorry, David, I didn’t hear what you said.”

At the mention of his name, Miranda huffed out a breath and gestured toward the trash can. “How fitting."  She mouthed the words. "That’s exactly where he belongs.”

Ellie turned away. Yes, her friend had a good point. David’s past behavior qualified him for the rubbish heap.  Men who lied, cheated, and broke the hearts of the women they professed to love deserved a dumping of their own. They deserved to wallow in soured milk, rotting vegetables, and moldy cheese. Figuratively speaking, that is.

But what David had done was in the past, and the past was no longer relevant.

Ellie’s new-found magic could erase all the pain; it could obliterate the anguished  memories and take away those crippling feelings of inadequacy and inferiority she’d suffered at his betrayal. David had hurt her badly, yet she’d grown from it. Maybe he didn’t exactly deserve forgiveness, but at the very least, Ellie owed him a small debt of gratitude. She was enjoying this process of discovery, this mystical journey upon which she’d embarked. For the first time, Ellie truly liked who she was -- and who she was becoming.

“Your silver lighter?” She nodded in response to David’s question. “The one I bought you for your birthday?” Ellie winced, remembering how much she’d paid for the gift. It hurt to think he’d carelessly misplaced it. Obviously it hadn’t meant too much to him.

“I think maybe I left it at your place. Would you look around and let me know?”

“Sure. If I find it-- ”

“I really need it. He cut her off. “I know you’ve got it. I remember leaving it in the drawer of the night stand. When you get off work, will you run home and pick it up? I’ll be at the gallery tonight.”

“You want me to bring it to you?”

“Yeah. I won’t have time to come get it. We’re opening a new exhibit, so I’ll be busy.” He paused. When he spoke again, his voice held a softer note.  “Contemporary photography. Black and white. You might enjoy it.”

“Why, yes, I think I might like that.”

“So, you’ll do it?”

“Yes, I’ll be there.”

A smile spread across Ellie’s face. Any lingering doubts about the power of magic quickly  disappeared. Her love spells were working.

David had called. He wanted to see her. He might claim it was only because he’d left behind a silver lighter, but Ellie knew better. The lighter was only an excuse, and a flimsy one at that. David wanted her back. 

~ ~ ~ ~


  1. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, a lovely dream on Ellie's part, but she's worth a lot more than that slime-ball!

  2. I agree with Sherry, she`s much better off without a man like that!

  3. I hope she doesn't find the lighter and goes to tell him. Then she'll find out how much of a scumbag he really is

  4. Oh, I hope the love spells work to make her see what real love is! She doesn't need someone to jerk her around like a yo-yo.

  5. I might have to set David on fire with the lighter. Like Lindsay said, I think he is a scumbag. And somehow I don't think the gallery thing is going to end up well. But I'm a little frantic that I have to wait until next week to find out!!

  6. I agree with the rest of the girls. I think Miranda was right. Davids needs to stay in the trash and wallow in the moldy cheese literally. (Great job!)

  7. I have to say it "WHY?" Why would you want Chop-meat when you can get steak. I hope she stumbles across another guy and forgets about David. Other than that, I love this story.

  8. I'm wondering if she is really setting David up for a fall by placating him.

  9. All what the others said above!!! Lighter? Bring it to him? Really? I wonder whether the love spells went astray ??